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Indulge in the Best Sweets Lynchburg Has to Offer

Make your morning decadent with a freshly baked danish or treat your family to some sweets with the help of us! For over 50 years, our bakers at Chestnut Hill Bakery have served the people of Lynchburg, VA delicious sweet treats. From cakes and pies to brownies and cookies, pastries and cupcakes to doughnuts and bread, we have something for everyone. Stop into our bakery to try our fresh baked goods and we guarantee you’ll be hooked!

Our Menu

Made Fresh Daily!
Pre-orders Welcome–please order well in advance of your need (min. 3 business days).


Glazed Donuts $1.10 ea
Filled Donuts $1.27 ea
Dozen Glazed $12.10
Dozen Variety $14.30
Donut Holes $2.75 dz
Honeybuns $3.00 ea


Powdered Donuts with Whipped Chocolate
Round Jelly (Red Raspberry)
Long Johns (Red Raspberry)
Lemon Long Johns
Custard filled
Buttercream filled
Bavarian Cream filled
Strawberry filled
Black Raspberry filled
Powdered Donuts with Whipped White 



Cookies & Brownies

Cookies: $1.10
Oatmeal Raisin
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Pecan
Lemon Coconut
Sugar Cookies (with M&M’s)
*Keto Cookies (GF) $1.49

Specialty Cookies $2.15
Decorated Cookies (seasonal)
Mediterranean Cookies (GF)
Gingerbread men (seasonal)

Brownies $2.15
Regular with nuts
Peanut butter with nuts
Regular without Nuts


Classic $13.20   Small $4.95
Fruit $20.90   Small $6.60

Apple Crumb*
Brown Sugar
Cherry Crumb*
Chocolate Chess
Coconut Custard
Egg Custard *
French Apple Crumb*
German Chocolate
Lemon Chess
Sweet Potato

*made by special order*

Decorated Cakes

Sheet Cakes
1/4 serves 12-20
1/2 serves 25-40
Full sheet serves 75-90

7 (2) serves 10-15
9 (2) serves 20-30

CHB Classic Pound Cake
Or a choice of flavor
¼ sheet (Serves 12-20) $33.00
½ sheet (Serves 25-40) $44.00
Full sheet (Serves 75-90) $99.00

Additional charge for
Kits / Drawings / Edible Images

3 lb / 5 lb cake (CHB lb) $22.00 /$27.50
Additional $5 frosted / decorated

Baby Cakes $6.60
Cupcakes $2.15

Layer Cakes
Small (7 in) $15.40 (1) $27.50(2)
Large (9 inch) $19.80 (1) $38.50 (2)

Inquire about different sizes

Cakes and Icing Flavors

Cake Flavors
-Wedding White
-Red Velvet
-Chocolate Chip
-Mint Chocolate
-Peanut Butter Chocolate
-Key Lime
-CHB Pound Cake (can only be offered in sheet cake sizes)

Icing Flavors
-White Buttercream
-Peanut Butter
-Cream Cheese


Sweet Treats

Cream Puffs
Regular $3.58
Small $1.93

Bars $2.15
Butter Bars
Pumpkin Bars
Pecan Bars
7-Layer Bars
Raspberry 7-Layer Bars
Lemon Bars

Drizzle Cakes $15.00
Drizzle cake slices $2.75

Grandpa’s Delights $2.15

Dessert Bars $2.15

Filled Cookies $2.50

Cinnamon Buns $6.33


Butter Rolls 6.33 dz
Ham Biscuits $4.40 dz

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Saturday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM